• Windows Run Command

    Appwiz.cpl --> Used to run Add/Remove wizard
    Calc --> Calculator
    Cfgwiz32 --> ISDN Configuration Wizard
    Charmap --> Character Map
    Chkdisk --> Repair damaged files
    Cleanmgr --> Cleans up hard drives
    Clipbrd --> Windows Clipboard viewer
    Control --> Displays Control Panel
    Cmd --> Opens a new Command Window
    Control mouse --> Used to control mouse properties
    Dcomcnfg --> DCOM user security
    Debug --> Assembly language programming tool
    Defrag --> Defragmentation tool
    Drwatson --> Records programs crash & snapshots
    Dxdiag --> DirectX Diagnostic Utility
    Explorer --> Windows Explorer
    Fontview --> Graphical font viewer
    Fsmgmt.msc --> Used to open shared folders
    Firewall.cpl --> Used to configure windows firewall
    Ftp - ftp program
    Hostname --> Returns Computer's name
    Hdwwiz.cpl --> Used to run Add Hardware wizard
    Ipconfig --> Displays IP configuration for all network adapters
    Logoff --> Used to logoff the computer
    MMC --> Microsoft Management Console
    Msconfig --> Configuration to edit startup files
    Mstsc --> Used to access remote desktop
    Msinfo32 --> Microsoft System Information Utility
    Nbtstat --> Displays stats and current connections using NetBIOS over TCP/IP
    Netstat --> Displays all active network connections
    Nslookup--> Returns your local DNS server
    Osk --> Used to access on screen keyboard
    Perfmon.msc --> Used to configure the performance of Monitor.
    Ping --> Sends data to a specified host/IP
    Powercfg.cpl --> Used to configure power option
    Regedit --> Registry Editor
    Regwiz --> Registration wizard
    Sfc /scannow --> System File Checker
    Sndrec32 --> Sound Recorder
    Shutdown --> Used to shutdown the windows
    Spider --> Used to open spider solitaire card game
    Sfc / scannow --> Used to run system file checker utility.
    Sndvol32 --> Volume control for soundcard
    Sysedit --> Edit system startup files
    Taskmgr --> Task manager
    Telephon.cpl --> Used to configure modem options.
    Telnet --> Telnet program
    Tracert --> Traces and displays all paths required to reach an internet host
    Winchat --> Used to chat with Microsoft
    Wmplayer --> Used to run Windows Media player
    Wab --> Used to open Windows address Book.
    WinWord --> Used to open Microsoft word (if program installed)
    Winver --> Used to check Windows Version
    Wupdmgr -->Takes you to Microsoft Windows Update
    Write --> Used to open

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